Why do People Want To Become Firefighters?

Firefighters are one of the hardest working people in the world. Expectedly, their job is one of the toughest and hazardous there is. Unlike most professions where you have an eight to five shift, firefighters need to be on the edge of their seats 24 hours a day seven days a week.

However, curiously, thousands of individuals still line up every year to get a chance to feel what it’s like jumping into blazing areas with only their guts and training as their weapon. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics even believes that there will be as much as a 5% increase in firefighter applicants in the coming years.

An even bigger wonder would be the fact that according to the National Fire Protection Association Protection, at least 69% percent of our brave brethren in the US are volunteers.

Hence, I bet you are asking “If they hardly get paid any money, why in the world would anyone want to risk their lives every single day?” So to answer your question, we’ve gathered some of the most common reasons we believe why people still want to become firefighters.

Common Reasons Why People Want To Become Firefighters

Help and Serve Their Communities

The most common, also noble reason why many people apply to become a part of their fire department is their sense of servitude and responsibility to their community. Just like police officers who see themselves as keepers of the peace, or doctors who believe that it is their duty to save lives, firefighters often consider themselves as the only thing standing between blazing flames and their beloved neighbors.

Furthermore, it is common for people who live in fire hazard areas like California to always be on alert of wild fires or urban fires. Hence, they find it upon themselves to fill in any lack of workforce their fire departments have. (2)

Carry On Family Legacy

Ever since time in memorial, having a firefighter in a family is something to be proud. It has always been something worth boasting about and with a valid reason of course. Hence, many families make it a tradition always to have someone in the present generation to take the helm of being a firefighter.

Although it was then seen as something a father passes to a son, more and more daughters are now given a chance to become a firefighter. Thus, it is no longer uncommon to hear women saying they became firefighters as part of their family legacy. Nevertheless, although they only entered due to family pressure, most of them eventually fall in love with the job.

Personal Experiences

Ever heard a police officer say they became one because they were inspired by a police officer they saw once or a lawyer who took the bar exams because he once experienced injustice in their lives? The same thing has happened to many firefighters.

It could be because a person once saved them or someone they love, or they saw a firefighter on duty risking his or her life to save another’s. Whatever the reason is, the emotions they feel in those few moments can lead a person to pursue a passion their whole lives.

Thirst For Action And Adrenaline Rush

If you think jumping off a bridge or parachuting can give someone an adrenalin rush like no other, then I bet you’ve never tried being a firefighter. Risk takers around the world love looking for situations that could make them feel excited and have a sense of rush, and no other occupation can do that as much as being a firefighter.

Adrenaline junkies are perfect for the job since being a firefighter requires unbelievable amounts of courage. What attracts them to the job isn’t just the rush that they get; but also the idea that they can be contributing members of the society.

Sense Of Family Among Fire Fighters

Being a part of a fire department is like being a part of a large family. The risk involved in their job requires firefighters to have each other’s back all the time. This responsibility creates a bond between two persons as if they are brothers and sisters.

Lastly, going through so many challenges together can create a sense of family among them. This may not be the reason why many fire fighters apply for the job, but it is definitely one main reason why they stay.